About Us

Medical Industry Media

Medical Industry Media is a leading independent news hub for health industry professionals and patients alike. We are on a mission to improve media coverage of the latest news, research, and information on new medical drugs, treatments, and technologies available to Canadians and the rest of the world.

Reporting on important, evidence-based, and informative medical and healthcare events and trends – as they happen – our life-long goal is to be deemed a “must-read” by the who’s who in the medical and health industry.

Our team of editors, advisors, consultants, and content affiliates reviews and curates timely news stories from trusted and credited sources that cover health and medicine, delivering important information for readers to make an informed decision about the drug or treatment being reported on.


Our Mission:

  • To ensure that, whenever possible, all important and relevant information associated to new medical drugs and treatment are reported and delivered to readers right away, including their pros and cons, availability, and conflict of interest.
  • Establish the interest and practicality in providing alerts to general practitioners and healthcare professionals on new treatments and technologies.
  • Curate and assess the impact and quality of news, reviews, press releases, reports, and other information on new medical treatments for the benefit of the readers.
  • To further investigate the global potential for such treatments or processes, especially in developing countries.


Key Areas:

Nowadays, the Internet plays a vital role in communicating important medical and health messages, and notifying the public on new treatments and research findings. As a healthcare online publishing company, Medical Industry Media strives to become a market leader for medical news and information, providing accurate and concise content that will stand out in a myriad of resources for health and medicine on the Web.

Medical Industry Media aims to achieve coverage across all areas of human health. Producing unbiased, authoritative content, our team has a strict code of practice and covers all areas of health and medicine. Our main content areas include:

  • The latest news and breakthroughs in health and medicine, curated daily by the Medical Industry Media team.
  • Resource materials that provide everything that matters to you.
  • Features and comprehensive investigative reporting on health and medicine.


While technological advancements and the pace of change in the world of digital publishing continue to challenge the way we deliver news and information, Media Industry Media remains strong and steadfast, consistently leading the way in healthcare online publishing.