Watch: Big Ang reflects on ‘live or die’ cancer scare at brunch


made her first public appearance Sunday since her life-saving operation on a cancerous throat tumor.

The occasion was a charity bingo brunch at Dock’s Clam Bar in Tottenville, which sought to raise money for Save the Children Foundation’s rescue efforts in Nepal after the country’s devastating earthquake.

Ang, the star of the Staten Island-based docu-soap“Mob Wives,” was her old self at the event, greeting fans and calling out bingo numbers with her characteristic sass.

She wore a turtleneck sweater covering a scar that stretched from one side of her neck to the middle of it — where doctors removed the grapefruit-sized tumor from her throat.


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Making a Profit from Offering Ineffective Therapies to Cancer Patients

It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory: a secretive businessman founds a for-profit medical center to treat cancer.  His hospitals offer conventional treatments but also sell highly questionable, unscientific treatments to vulnerable patients. These treatments help to increase profits.  The businessman uses the profits from his cancer hospitals to support his favorite right-wing causes.  Patients have no idea that the fees they pay for treatment help support these causes.


It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true.  Most of this story was described in a lengthy exposé just published in the WashingtonPost on Christmas day.  The Post revealed that Richard Stephenson, the founder of a large for-profit cancer center, is also one of the primary funding sources for Freedom Works, a right-wing Tea Party organization that played a major role in the 2012 elections.  As the Post story described him:

[Stephenson is] “a reclusive Illinois millionaire who has exerted increasing control over one of Washington’s most influential conservative grass-roots organizations.”

Among other examples, the Post describes how

“more than $12 million in donations was funneled through two Tennessee corporations to the FreedomWorks super PAC after negotiations with Stephenson over a preelection gift of the same size….  The origin of the money has not previously been reported.”



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Breakthrough cancer treatment ‘only offered to private patients’

Health Secretary urged to return cancer treatment device to service after almost two years ‘sitting idle’

E5PWY9_3189884b (1)

A breakthrough cancer treatment is being denied to NHS patients while those paying privately can receive the procedure, it has been claimed.

London’s University College Hospital is reportedly blocking patients funded from the public purse from using its £2 million gamma knife machine.

Patients’ with medical insurance or private funding are however able to access the cutting edge treatment at the hospital.

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Philips Showcases Ultrasound Innovations that Address Clinical Challenges in the OB/GYN Segment at ISUOG World Congress

ANDOVER, Mass., Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG AEX: PHIA) today announced that its growing range of advanced women’s healthcare imaging solutions will be showcased at the 24th annual International Society for Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) World Congress, taking place September 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain.

“We’re continually investing in clinically relevant solutions that enable clinicians to improve efficiency and outcomes,” said Vitor Rocha, CEO and Senior Vice President of Ultrasound for Philips Imaging Systems. “In women’s healthcare, we’ve introduced six dedicated products over the past 18 months that help customers make confident diagnoses for their patients — from the most complex maternal fetal medicine exams to routine OB/GYN. And we’re not stopping there.”

At ISUOG, Philips will showcase its full women’s healthcare imaging portfolio at booth #31 beginning Sunday, September 14 at 17:20 and running through Wednesday, September 17 at 17:40. Highlights include:

Affiniti is designed to help address the challenges of the everyday OB/GYN clinical working environment. It offers exceptional clinical performance for a busy ultrasound practice, with advanced ergonomic design and small footprint to enable clinicians to work more intuitively and more comfortably.
EPIQ delivers a new level of clinical confidence, with solutions for every gestational age and gynecological applications for your most difficult cases. EPIQ’s powerful architecture creates high-quality image resolution, with more diagnostic detail than ever before. And it’s simple to use for every patient.
ClearVue 650 offers intuitive 3D/4D imaging and image quality automation tools, such as proprietary Auto Face Reveal, which make it easy for clinicians to integrate 3D/4D in their routine clinical practice. Due to its modular design and lightweight mobile cart, ClearVue 650 is easy to use, energy-efficient and cost-effective.
VISIQ combines the benefits of greater mobility, performance and simplicity into a single miniaturized solution. The transducer-plus-tablet display delivers excellent image quality, making ultrasound available anytime, in a wide range of clinical environments for OB patients.

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Five Tips for Protecting Personal Health Information

Avoid the next costly breach by following common-sense approaches.

“We’ve had a breach.”

It’s a sentence nobody wants to hear, but breaches in the healthcare industry are unfortunately common. The Open Security Foundation reports that the healthcare industry has been responsible for 14 percent of all security breaches since 2005, and the Ponemon Institute indicates that healthcare breaches cost twice as much as retail-sector breaches.

The healthcare industry faces a perfect storm of factors that make breaches more likely. The industry is in charge of a range of personal health information (PHI) and is also notoriously slow to adopt leading practices and new technology. Large healthcare facilities typically have hundreds or thousands of employees and healthcare professionals with access to PHI; and smaller practitioners often lack the knowledge and resources to properly secure their networks and PHI.

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Optometrist Toronto


Vision is the most important sense of the 21st century. Media is consumed through interacting with machines and technology, using our sight to enable the inputting of data. Canada is a hub of technology, and in particular Toronto has a significant amount of business activity in this sector. Bio-optic lenses with user controlled magnification is one example of the cool things happening in Toronto.

From the Optometrist Toronto camp, some people are skeptical of vision enhancing technology due the possible health effects. Vision care must take into consideration long term exposure of the retinal area to non-natural components. Increasing the retinal stress levels may cause issues if the user of an enhanced electronic vision device does not take a break from usage. But, there are so many interesting applications for electronic eye appendages that one may wonder if the proliferation of these devices will not strike up a significant number of epidemiological studies.

Google Glass is perhaps the most well known vision appendage device. The applications are quite astounding and as a result has gotten quite a large following. You can manipulate the objects and environment that the Google Glass sees. This includes recording video, taking pictures, and more. It’s very similar to the perspective of a first person shooter. Either way, we think people who use eye technology on an ongoing basis should check out this Toronto eye clinic  that offers eye exam tests to help with eye health.