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Project Leader

Alan Cassels (send email)


423 Stannard Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8S 3M6


Local: (250) 361 3120
International: +1 250 361 3120

project partners

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Independent, non-profit research organization, to promote research on economic and social policy issues from a progressive point of view.

Health News

Our Media Doctor equivalent in the United States, Health News is sponsored by the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

Media Doctor Australia

Started in 2004, the Media Doctor project in Australia received more than 25,000 visits in the first year, and continues to attract media attention for its efforts to improve the standards of medical journalism in the mainstream Australian media. Shortly after being launched in 2004, the Media Doctor Australia website was named "Website of the Week" by the British Medical Journal, and in 2005 the site (along with Professor David Henry and Amanda Wilson) was awarded the prestigious Eureka Prize for Critical Thinking.

Media Doctor Hong Kong

Our sister site in Hong Kong, which reviews stories in English and Chinese

project funding

Industry Canada, Office of Consumer Affairs

The Office of Consumer Affairs is Industry Canada's window to consumers in the marketplace. It's aim is a fair and efficient marketplace that supports and advances the interests of Canadians as consumers. It's belief is that effective and informed consumer participation in the marketplace is important to a dynamic, competitive economy.

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