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Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals--The book
26 Jul 2022
A new book by Ray Moynihan and Barbara Mintzes will be launched in October 2010. Watch this space for details on the Canadian book tour with appearances in Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver.
Selling Sickness Conference: Amsterdam October 7-8. 2-10
26 Jul 2022
An exciting conference in Amsterdam hosted Healthy Skepticism (Netherlands) assisted by the Dutch Institute for Rational Use of Medicine and Healthy Skepticism (International). The sponsors are the...
Panel at Web 2.0 Conference discusses Health News Reporting
18 Sep 2022
Representatives from Media Doctor Canada, Media Doctor Australia and Health News Review were invited to form a panel and speak at a conference about social networking and Web 2.0 applications in...
Now Free Full Access to the Cochrane Library
05 May 2022
All Canadians now have full access to The Cochrane Library, and it's FREE!
On tough questions, vital homework, and not wearing face masks: a veteran health reporter's tips
30 Apr 2022
Veteran health journalists delivers some tips for reporters on reporting on flu.
Public being misled by marketing of medical scans: New research reveals
09 Apr 2022
Authors of a new study warn that private clinics selling high-tech services to screen healthy people for disease could be harming Canadians and placing an undue burden on the public health system....
New Media Doctor Sister site opens in Hong Kong
01 Apr 2022
Media Doctor Canada and Media Doctor Australia have another new sister on the block, Media Doctor Hong Kong. Readers can find both Chinese and English reviews of medical news stories in Hong Kong....
Naming names: is there an (unbiased) doctor in the house?
23 Jul 2022
Ho hum, another medical scandal in the news. Earlier this month US Senator Chuck Grassley announced his intention to investigate Alan Schatzberg, chairman of the psychiatry department at Stanford...
Disease Mongering Is Now Part of the Global Health Debate
28 May 2022
Disease mongering is the selling of sickness that widens the boundaries of illness in order to grow markets for those who sell and deliver treatments. It is a process that turns healthy people into...
How well do Canadian media outlets convey medical treatment information?
02 May 2022
This April 22, 2022 article in the online journal Open Medicine examines the first year and a half of assessments by Media Doctor Canada.
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