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This page lists the most recent public comments on various articles reviewed on this site. For a full list of the comments for a particular article, please follow the article link.

"Zoloft and Cipralex better than other drugs, study shows"

(10 Jun 2022) ����� �������� ��������� ���� writes,

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"Tofu, nuts lower cholesterol: study"

(26 May 2022) hokyorera writes,

"Hi - I am definitely delighted to discover this. Good job!"

"Osteoporosis drug decreases breast cancer risk: study"

(11 May 2022) hainsHeillhafk writes,

The interesting name of a site -, interesting this here is very good.
I spent 1 hours searching in the network, until find your forum!"

"UBC professors question effectiveness of Cold-fX"

(07 Feb 2022) Diana writes,

"I took cold fx for the first time . I took the three day extra strength routine. On the third and last day I broke out in a huge rash on my left shoulder. It was really painful! The next day It spread down my shoulder, up my neck and chest and was soare and itchy. Under the rash on my left shoulder is very painful in my muscles. I hope this goes away cuz it's unpleasant for sure"

"New drug may help aggressive prostate cancer: study"

(20 Nov 2021) Susan Davis writes,

"Could you tell me when the drug Abiraterone will be available in Canada?
Thank you,

Media Doctor response,

"i'm sorry I can't really answer that question."

"Shingles vaccine Zostavax arrives in Canada"

(03 Sep 2022) dsoulis, Nova Scotia writes,

"My 21 year old daughter just developed a case of shingles. She is diabetic type 1 as well. I can tell your audience who has not suffered from shingles or has seen someone who has personally, my daughter has immense pain and her left side covered in these red blisters. It is difficult to do anything including sleep.
I will ask her to follow up with her doctor about this vaccine after the shingles runs it course. I pray she will not experience the months of pain that some experience. I found very similar information and treatment on this site as well as a few others, thus I feel I can depend on the advise and treatments as recommended being accurate.
Thank you so much for posting. This information is reassuring along with the doctor's recommendations."

"Yoga best way of easing pain in lower back, group study says"

(30 Jun 2022) Back Exercises from Employee writes,

"The time frame of the study is mentioned (26 weeks) which is a reasonable time period to use to study the impact of this kind of treatment. What we don't learn, however, is if there are any possible harms associated with doing yoga.

"New drug boosts women's sex drive"

(07 Dec 2021) Carolyn Thomas from "The Ethical Nag: Marketing Ethics for the Easily Swayed" writes,

"Is it any surprise that the topic of this "news" has attracted such wide media pickup? The drug company that succesfully markets a "pink Viagra' stands to make billions. What is distressing is the number of media agencies that have bought this non-event hook, line and sinker, and are essentially pre-selling flibanserin even before any trials are published.

I'm curious about the "satisfactory" rating in your Disease Mongering category, as I've read a number of credible sources who question whether female sexual dysfunction even exists. It's ironic that this particular piece was run by CBC, given the success of their 'Passionate Eye' broadcast of the landmark documentary, Orgasm Inc. - that essentially debunks the diagnosis. More at"

Media Doctor response,

"I think you have a good point. We should re-examine our rating of satisfactory under disease-mongering."

"Shingles vaccine approved for use in U.S. but not here yet"

(26 Jul 2022) Malcolm Andrade from Retired writes,

"I too echo Louise Kelly's comment that I hope that Canada will soon O.K. the use of this vaccine. Both my wife and I have had chicken pox as children. We have seen what this scourge can do when it reasserts itself as Shingles, as her mother suffered terribly from her attack which lasted several months.


(this comment has been moderated)

"Single pill combining five heart drugs appears safe"

(07 Jul 2022) Elite Health from Square One writes,

"This would really help heart patients and stroke patients to recover at the time of emergency. As many people are dying only because of heart and stroke attacks, some noteworthy steps like this creating a pill to thwart heart attacks and strokes might be a boon for them who are on the verge of facing a heart attack. But sometimes people fail to understand and recognize the indications of pre-heart attack symptoms. Sometimes, a little knowledge regarding the immediate actions to be taken may help your near and dear ones to survive in such incidents. The response a person takes to treat a victim decides the probability of his/her survival. It's been my personal experience fighting to survive against a heart attack. Because of having many heart problems, I was enrolled in a concierge Healthcare program from elite health. I was attacked by a severe heart attack in a party, luckily surrounded by many people. Some of the sudden changes in my body was recognized by me and anticipated immediately. I got a very severe chest pain which was almost unbearable for more than a minute. I got the suspicion that I might be having heart attack, and immediately called my physician on the phone, and explained my condition and its severity. Because of the immediate guidance, I was directed immediately to have an aspirin which I used to carry with me as prescribed by my physician. It was quite a frightening experience for me to face such a heart attack, but somehow I managed to be calm until 911 arrived. I was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where already my physician were present and have got everything setup according to my medical history. And it was in some matter of seconds that everything was in control. A doctor, who already have the complete knowledge of the medical history and fitness of the person, extra ordinarily ameliorate your recovery process. Hence such a concierge level program from Elite health, helped me a save my life, like many others."

"The medical device you always dreamed of"

(11 Jun 2022) Robert Kelly writes,

"I hate to say I'm an old pro at sleep apnoea but 15 years ago I was diagnosed, had and the surgery. My next sleep study confirmed I was clear but now I have gained my 150 lbs. back and here I go again!
I always assumed that it was a real problem with real health risks but I can't say for sure. I just know that it has returned and I'm dozy, depressed can't focus and have no energy but I'm 60 now and 360 lbs again.
It would be great if the product worked but the doctor I have now knows nothing and I'm even having trouble getting him to book a sleep study and refer me to a specialist."

"Study: Statins increase life expectancy"

(16 Aug 2022) AlexM writes,

"Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!"

"Pill may help fight gambling addiction"

(02 Aug 2022) Shawn Jordan from 21 Steps to STOP Gambling writes,

"A pill will not work when it comes to treating troubled gamblers.

For more information on how a pill just becomes an addiction switch be sure to read "The Heart of Addiction" by Lance Dodes MD. He does a good job of explaining how addictions to pills, alcohol, gambling, drugs etc. affect the addictive process of thinking.

In order for tools of treatment and treatment to be effective for troubled gamblers it should be measured for it's abilities to:

Help the client (patient) to abstain from gambling, remove tempation and desire to gamble from thinking, increase productivity at work, improve relationships with friends and family, manage money more effectively including recovering from debts and financial adversities caused by gambling loss, improve self esteem and sense of self worth.

A pill - can't do that.

Shawn Jordan
21 Steps to STOP Gambling"

Media Doctor response,

"Thanks for your comments."

"Stomach balloon may offer key to weight loss"

(17 Jul 2022) J R Avanti writes,

"I have reviewed information on gastric balloning. I am a Disabled Veteran
and I am willing to become a patient or subject for any studies on gastric balloning!
Please contact me as soon as you can to do the base study so I can be included
in these procedures or studies. It appears finally a terrific alternative to positive
weight lost is at hand without the complications of surgery.

Many Thanks,

J R Avanti
Height 5' 2"
Weight 265 lbs"

"Antioxidants may protect cancer tumours, report says"

(09 Jul 2022) Richard Reiffer from RJR Consulting writes,

"This sounds more like another Pharma and College of Physician attack to protect their assets and their jobs because more people are seeking out these forms of therapy and having incredible successes and recoveries due to them.

Another example of how media is benefiting from the large profits of the Pharma industry at the cost of the lives of Canadians"

"Pain medications may ward off Parkinson's"

(10 Jun 2022) 3+speckled from writes,

"Just discovered your site through the PLOS article. I posted a comment on this very article. My comment was that although the article was very poor, it did, in fact, rather closely approximate the press release from the American Academy of Neurology. It was the press release that was unbelievably poor, coming from a medical source. Can we expect journalists to fill in the critical missing info that medical associations neglect?"

"HIV Testing Urged for All Pregnant Women"

(06 Sep 2022) Croft Woodruff from independant writes,

"Testing HIV positive means one, presumably, has been exposed to the virus that is alleged to cause AIDS. More than 70 different conditions - including pregnancy, malnutrition, multiple infections, multiple sclerosis, measles, and exposure to a flu or hepatitis B shot - are known to trigger a false HIV positive.

The techniques of the HIV test have not been standardized, and the magnitude and consequences of inter laboratory variations have not been measured. Results require interpretation, and the criteria for the interpretation vary not only from lab to lab, but also from month to month.

Because of so many variables involved, the many HIV tests are seriously flawed and invalid. The consequences of this fact are that many people, including pregnant women and newborns, are being treated for a condition they do not have. In fact, the disclaimer by the manufacturers of the test kits specifically states that the tests are not to be used to diagnose or treat HIV/AIDS. They are not licensed for that purpose.

Virus tests without virus isolation? Since HIV/AIDS emerged in the early '80s, all known and accepted scientific investigative techniques have failed to prove the existence of a virus. No electron photograph (micro graph) of an isolated HIV particle has ever been published. Virologists like Robert Gallo have yet to develop a vaccine - from what they claim is HIV - that does not kill or cause serious adverse reactions. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (Washington Post, May 9, 2022) no safe and effective HIV vaccine exists for adults or small children.

Read the label on AZT, Nevirapine and other so-called anti retro viral drugs - these are metabolic poisons being promoted and used to treat a virus that - if it did exist - unlike bacteria, yeast, fungus and other parasites has no metabolism to poison..

No virus, no vaccine and no Nobel Prize."

"Estrogen guards against heart disease"

(04 Jul 2022) S.Smith from very little writes,

"A classic case of press release journalism. These press releases land on reporter's desks daily, and the not-yet tuition free but also mortgage-laden reporter knows what is expected. She will call the sources helpfully given by the pharma marketing department from whence this drivel originates, re-arrange the prose or boldly shuffle the sentences somewhat and shazam! part of her daily quota is done, leaving time for the, possibly, one story that will make A1 if she can just get the contentious city councilor on the line with his comments about the major's new initiative."
(this comment has been moderated)

Media Doctor response,

"We do consider "reliance on press release" to be an important quality in determining the thoroughness of a story. Over-reliance on the press release is not good journalistic technique so would generally agree with the sentiment present in your comments."

"Diabetes drug can dramatically raise heart attack risk, study finds"

(20 Jun 2022) miller writes,

"in response to your forum on diabetes drugs i've been diagnose of having type II diabetes
in June 1985 i"ve been dealing with this illness for twenty two years , I know people who
have been coping with the same illness for years who are willing to try anything to better
their condition or even cure them of this illness that plague so many . shame on the drug
companies who profits from these drugs includes sulfonyurea, biguania, thiazolidinedione
and meglitinide, and of course theres insulin,they are just a bandage to a bigger problem.
and now I've read about Diamaxol, have you heard about it !!!! is this another one of the
pharmaceutical companies unexpected benefits."
(this comment has been moderated)

Media Doctor response,

"I haven't seen a media report yet on Diamoxol, but if there is a media report you can refer us to, we'll review it."

"Statin use urged to reduce heart risk in diabetic patients"

(14 Jun 2022) nvmqvsrnvv from nvmqvsrnvv writes,

"Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!"
(this comment has been moderated)

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