Optometrist Toronto


Vision is the most important sense of the 21st century. Media is consumed through interacting with machines and technology, using our sight to enable the inputting of data. Canada is a hub of technology, and in particular Toronto has a significant amount of business activity in this sector. Bio-optic lenses with user controlled magnification is one example of the cool things happening in Toronto.

From the Optometrist Toronto camp, some people are skeptical of vision enhancing technology due the possible health effects. Vision care must take into consideration long term exposure of the retinal area to non-natural components. Increasing the retinal stress levels may cause issues if the user of an enhanced electronic vision device does not take a break from usage. But, there are so many interesting applications for electronic eye appendages that one may wonder if the proliferation of these devices will not strike up a significant number of epidemiological studies.

Google Glass is perhaps the most well known vision appendage device. The applications are quite astounding and as a result has gotten quite a large following. You can manipulate the objects and environment that the Google Glass sees. This includes recording video, taking pictures, and more. It’s very similar to the perspective of a first person shooter. Either way, we think people who use eye technology on an ongoing basis should check out this Toronto eye clinic  that offers eye exam tests to help with eye health.


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